Also building in the summer is no problem....



     The ANTTU ®  ORIGINAL slabmould is made in a few hours (-25° C) , the well insulated PALIKKA  mould is filled with 

      concrete (-20°C), the floor slabs (8... 12 meters) are lifted into place


     All architectural shapes are easily made using only one type of PALIKKA building blocks.

     PALIKKA is used for all kinds of constructions and energyefficient buildings:

     Warm foundaions, dry basements and energyefficient buildings up to 5 stories high, swimmingpools etc.


      In the freezing cold (-25°C) Scandinavian winter, the PALIKKA pool (water +25°C)    

      and the hot PALIKKA sauna (+100°C) is an excellent source of refreshment, after

      a day of easy work at the PALIKKA buildingsite with 1 metre of snow.

Also in the summertme foundations, basements and buildings up to 5 storeys high, swimmingpools of any shape etc are easily made in the waqrm european climate


                   PALIKKA®  ORIGINAL:




                             - Already 40 years of better building  and dwelling -

PALIKKA® ORIGINAL- The easiest way to build  hi-quality constructions

For 40 years PALIKKA has been the real pioneer developing and building energyefficient and safe buildings.

All the PALIKKA® products are innovative and original inventions suitable also for extreme conditions. The builder is not left alone, PALIKKA advices its customers even at their building sites all over the world, from Australia to Öland,  including Zanzibar.

The protected design of the PALIKKA® ORIGINAL Building Block is based on Finnish inventions, which have been granted patents in several countries. PALIKKA has been internationally awarded and is being successfully used in many countries since the 1970’s.

All architectonic designs, including all ecologically curved shapes, are easily achieved without extra costs, using only one size of PALIKKA® Blocks. PALIKKA® is the simple buildingsolution for the smart builder.

The lightweight PALIKKA® Block is easy to use: Just pile the Blocks, fill them with concrete and insert the rebars. Your low-energy building is ready for surfacecoating as You like.

In additiion to superior thermal insulation the acoustical properties are excellent: soundproof rooms without echoing! A plastered PALIKKA house is a firesafe stonebuilding. The PALIKKA construction is 100% airtight without draughts in the corners and without cold joints.

Other PALIKKA inventions are eg the ANTTU® slabmould made of ecological paper, the RADONIX® radon safety profile, low-cost ULTRA® ECOSTONE®  first-aid shelters made of recycled materials for rebuilding in areas of disaster like earth-quakes and after wars.

The PALIKKA Company functions according to ethical principles and disapproves plagiarism and piracy.

The expanding PALIKKA Company is  looking for businesspartners and licencees all over the world.

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Birger E Wasenius

M.Sc, Eur.Eng

Inventor of the PALIKKA ® ORIGINAL Building Block and

developer of the Building System.

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